October 03, 2006

May I present:

This is our future home - or should I say our little witch's hut?

It's a timber frame building, dating from 1620 (edit: we found out later, that the house is even a bit older and probably dating from 1590). You find this lovely house in a small German town in Lower Saxony. This town counts about 3000 inhabitants and 400 (!) timber frame buildings.

We had been looking for an old house as our future home for quite some time. But either the buildings were in a shabby condition or much too expensive. Found this one more or less by coincidence - or was it fate? Anyway, good old internet told us about this house, we went to take a look at it and knew, no felt instantly: that's it!

As you can imagine, there are lots of things to check before buying a 400-year-old house and there will always be a lot to do and mend in and around the house - and that is exactly what my husband and I are going to tell you about in this blog.

Have fun reading about our adventures and feel free to write (ingenious...) comments!


Greg said...

Wow, 1620! That makes my 1895 Victorian seem like a new tract home. I’ll look forward to reading about this one. As for English not being your native tongue, I wouldn’t worry about it. English is my native tongue and I make a lot of mistakes when writing. No one will notice.

Jason & Heather said...

wow 1620! That's awesome! I'm bookmarking your blog now. I cant wait to see more pictures of it.

Anna said...

Hi Greg and Jason!

Thank you for your warm welcome! I'll try to write really regularly and will add more pictures soon.

Chris & Kim said...

My house is just a baby!

Can't wait to read more about your progress!