October 26, 2006

Floor plans

I promised to post floor plans - here they are:

I'll write about our plans for the single rooms over the next few weeks - we will move in only by February 15th, still a long time to go until we can really start on the renovation.

It is rather difficult to draw those plans properly because there are not just two floors as the plans might suggest. There are actually a lot more of them, because there are steps everywhere in the house - two lead to the kitchen, five to the office, another four to the bathroom - very charming!! Must be a paradise for playing hide-and-seek...
Some rooms are not very high, up to 1,70 m (approx. 5,6 ft. I think) only. No problem for me really, as I'm anyway nothing but "a walking metre" (well, 1,64 to be correct). But my dear husband keeps on banging his head against the beams...


Michelle83 said...


the floor plan of your house looks really great. I envy you. Soon you will have your own library and a snooker room, which I would also love to have.

Go on with your dreams, I am very interested to hear about your progress.

We will hear us soon in our forum (you know ;o))

Chris and Mandy said...

That workshop sounds like a little piece of heaven. Your hubby's a lucky man.

Anna said...

Hallo liebe Michelle!

Vielen Dank für die Grüße aus Wien - freue mich sehr darüber!!

Ja, die Bibliothek ist ein langgehegter Traum von mir und ich finde es toll, das jetzt endlich umsetzen zu können.

Was die "Spielhalle" im Nebengebäude angeht (Billard, Kicker etc.), so ist das doch eher der Traum meines Mannes ;-)

Bis bald, Anna

Anna said...

@Chris - I knew you'd like it!