June 29, 2007

Update on monument protection - first decision taken

Dear readers, please keep your fingers crossed!

After thinking all the pros and cons of getting listed the inside of our house over and over again, we had another chat with the State preservationist today. I asked him a lot of questions concerning the everyday life and especially the practice of renovating in a listed building.
It all seems very reasonable: As all the changes we want to make are conform to the historical monument, we don't have to expect any major problems or conflicts with the Local Office for Historical Monuments.
To give you some examples: If we want to rip out the laminate and put in hard wood floors instead, they would support us but would NOT require a certain kind of wood or a certain laying technique etc. We would even be allowed to tear down inner walls to get bigger rooms (which we won't do). Of course certain changes wouldn't be allowed, like replacing old doors with new ones. Things we never thought of, anyway.

One last thing I wanted to know was whether we'd still be allowed to do a lot of work by ourselves or if everything has to be done by certified specialists. That would indeed have been an obstacle as we love to do things the diy-way. But that's no problem at all.

After this really positive chat we decided to give it a try. We want to have the inside of our house listed, too. The preservationist and an officer of the State Office for Historical Monuments (from Hanover) will look at the house thoroughly and decide, whether it is worth to be listed or not. So keep your fingers crossed, please!!


1916home.net said...

My great great great grandfather built a church in southern Germany.. I dont recall where, and it was recently demolished to build a new tract of homes. I still have newspaper articles from over 100 years ago and other documents regarding the church. I never did get to visit it, but Im sure glad there are people like you who want to preserve whats left of Germany before globalization sweeps the world.

Anna said...

Wow, how fascinating - you know something about the life of your great great great grandfather!!! Amazing!! I only know my family's history back to my grandfather (and I don't even know much about him).
But what a shame that church was demolished!! If you ever want your documents to be translated, let me know.