July 20, 2007

First (failed) try working with clay...

... or: it doesn't smell the way it looks ... ;)

As described in my last post, we had a hole in our bedroom floor (gypsum) and after getting rid of that ancient mouse nest we had to fill the hole if we didn't want to risk breaking our ankles stumbling into it.

Remember: That was just a couple of weeks after we moved in and we were kind of over-enthusiastic and decided to fill it with clay (original flooring material). My husband organized some clay mixed with straw and poured it into the hole:

And the end of the story? It was far too much clay and far too watery - it actually never dried up and began to mould after some days...

We scraped it all out again and filled the hole with gypsum - the same material as the rest of that bedroom floor...

Finally we layed a carpet:

That's only a temporary solution as eventually we want to lay a wooden floor, but not right now (no time and no money). And a carpet in the bedroom is rather cosy as I must admit ;)

So much for our first adventures "messing around" with clay!

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