August 24, 2007

Help - what's that claw?

At the moment, my husband is exposing the foundation wall of our house due to a problem with rising moisture (nothing severe, I'll write about it once we know what we're going to do about it).

Today he dug about 50 cm deep and there he found this:

The "thing" is about 5 cm long. What is it? A dog's claw?

Any idea will be appreciated! :) :)


Gesa said...

Really nice stuff you find in your house:)! But I´ve no idea what it could be ... maybe a horn of a goat?

Hjärtliga hälsningar från Sverige,
Gesa :)

Anna said...

Gesa - wie schön!!!

Well, that would have to be some kind of not-yet-known-mini-goat, because that "thing" is only 5 cm long... :) :)

It's probably going to remain one of the unsolved misteries of this house ;)

Ganz liebe Grüße nach Schweden und weiterhin alles Gute!

Gesa said...

Then it was a baby-goat ...;)!

Dulcie said...

Yes, it looks like a horn to me too, but I guess it is too small! What a strange mystery!

Anna said...

Ok, so you think it is a horn, too, Dulcie? Honestly, I have absolutely no idea and I'm so curious... Just HAVE to find out what it is ;)

Jonathan said...

It is the eye tooth of a large dog, I have one from a Doberman Pincer that is of a similar size you can see the opening in the darker part for the roots/nerves.
could be wrong but it is most similar to the tooth I have they have amazingly large roots.
Good Day

Anna said...

Jonathan - thanks so much for that hint! I'm sure you're right with your guess - although of course it would sound a lot more dramatic if it were the eyetooth of a wolf... :)

Thanks again!!!

Reimer said...

what you have there looks like the tooth from a male boar.
to me it seems that one of the previous owner was a hunter...


Anna said...

Alright, another theory here... Sounds plausible, though! Thanks Reimer!