August 01, 2007

Renovating the historic pavement, I

Our house and the two adjoining buildings (a workshop and a former barn) form a courtyard of about 150m². The bigger part of it is covered with historic pavement, made of both limestone and field stones.

This is what the pavement looks like in a close-up view (yes, I should weed more often...):

For some unknown reason, there was a spot of about 2 m² in front of the barn where the pavement was completely missing:

As it turned into a muddy wetland after each rain, we decided to pave it. And of course we wanted to use some original old paving stones. We have already learned by now that a lot of missing material that was removed in the process of previous renovations is still to be found somewhere around the place. Therefore we started looking for hidden paving stones. And found some: in the garden, in the flowerbeds, in the former pond and so on:

At first my husband removed some soil (about 20 cm), filled that hole with a layer of gravel-sand of about 10 cm and then fitted in matching stones.

Read more about the next steps and the result in part II of this post...

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