December 15, 2007

Darling, I bought six tons of paving stones!

"You did WHAT?"
"I bought six tons of paving stones. And two tons have already been delivered."
"Is this what happens when I leave you alone for a weekend?"

Ok, that's about the dialogue I had on the phone with my dear husband last weekend. I was off on a business trip and all I wanted to do was wish him goodnight. And I ended up imagining our yard filled with two tons of paving stones and four tons still to come...

Well, it turned out that two tons of stones are in fact nothing but a small heap. ;)

And it was really a bargain, as it is old sandstone pavement from a farm not far from our place - definitely fitting our original pavement. We payed 120 Euro a ton (including delivery) which is fair enough.

We will now remove an ugly concrete slab from our yard and replace it by pavement so it all looks the same in the end.

My husband has already removed the slab and starts on the paving tomorrow. Really looking forward to the result!

PS Yes, I know I still owe you a post on all the technical details of our new heating. I actually asked hubby to write it, but he kind of plays hard-to-get...

PPS Thanks for all of your comments and questions in the last couple of weeks - they're much appreciated. There is actually a reason for me not blogging for more than a month - I hope to disclose that secret in January. Stay tuned... :)