November 13, 2008

New windows, part I: Advance information

Almost two years ago, even before we moved into our witch's hut, I already wrote a post about insulation and new windows. And now we finally start on this huge project. We'll exchange some of the old windows, but don't worry, of course we're not going to rip out the historical ones but only the really ugly windows from the time between 1960 and 1980. Those errors in taste we want to replace by new windows that are on one hand looking like the original ones (construction and material) and on the other hand are well insulated and energy-saving.

We'll go ahead with this project just step by step as it would be too expensive to renew all of the windows at the same time. What makes things really expensive is the fact, that all of the 22 (!) windows in our house are of different size and each one of them has to be a one-off production.

So we decided to start with the kitchen windows (two of them) and the window and the balcony door in the nursery. They probably date from the 70ies and are really not worth keeping:

We've got one old picture of how those windows looked like before they were exchanged for those ugly ones (marked in red):

I'm sorry for the quality of that picture, we only have a paper-copy of it. The picture is part of a description of our house from around 1975 when a whole inventory of Hornburg's old houses was issued by the local authorities.

This is the same view today with horrible windows:

I love the old ones and the new windows are going to look like that again, hurray!


Tiffany said...

Not going to waste any time getting back to things I see :) Hope it doesn't make things too dirty for you. We plan to eventually put a 2nd set of windows inside our existing old ones to help with insulation and sound issues...but it doesn't involve removing any windows so should stay fairly clean.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys end up doing!

Anna said...

Tiffany - it can't be any worse than what happened when the stove-builders were here two weeks ago (yet another thing to blog about...). It was so incredibly dirty afterwards - a true nightmare!!

All the best!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Do you think that the windows that were there before would have been original, or were they a replacement for something even earlier?

Anna said...

Christopher - no, the old windows were not original. My guess is that they were built in around 1850.

Actually I don't really know what the windows would have looked like around 1600. Back then they surely had fewer windows and probably the second floor of our house was used as store for hops.

Sandy said...

The new windows are going to look so lovely. I hope the dirt will be at a minimum! (Give the little one a small kiss and hug for me.)

Anna said...

Dear Sandy, I kissed and hugged the little one - and he got a fit of the giggles! :-)

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