November 07, 2008

The previous owners - back to 1732

Just a few weeks before our son was born in June, I finally made it to the town's archive to see whether I could find anything on our house or the previous owners.

Well, one visit to the archive is definitely not enough... But even in a first short visit I found out quite a lot, I was especially excited to see a list of the previous owners back to 1732.

That means of course, that we are still missing information on the first 150 years after the house was presumably built around 1590 but it is a start!

Here are the owners:

1732: Georg Cuno Hannemüller, Balbierer und Brauer

1769: Christoph Nürnberg

1785: Fr. Relicta(Witwe)Dierbergen

1799/1800: Rel. Dierbergen, modo Dan. Hotopff

1808: Hr. Hotop

Christian Steinbach, Fleischer, 48 J.; Marie Osteroth, 43 J.; Sohn: Christian * 1807

1933: Peters, August, Ackerbürger, Bagmann, Emma, geb. Peters, Witwe

Especially the first one is interesting as it says that he was a brewer and a barber. As the cellar in our house used to be a brewing cellar we can be quite sure that in the 18th century, beer was brewed directly in our house. Moreover rumour goes, that Georg Cuno Hannemüller's wife has gone mad after his death and that they had to get her out of the house by force. Quite spooky...

More history as soon as I make it to the archive again! I really want to try and find out more on the people listed above.


Dulcie said...


Thanks for posting on my (now defunct) blog! We just haven't been doing anything worth blogging about... oh well... :)

I was so sorry to read about your sweet cat. I loved seeing his pictures as he was such a beautiful cat with a great personality. But I was happy to read about the birth of your son. Congratulations! Hope that parenthood is treating you two well. :)

Anna said...

Hi Dulcie!

Thanks for your nice comment - it's great to read you! And I honestly hope that you'll continue on your blog very soon ... ;-)

We're doing fine, still missing our sweet cat but enjoying every day with our baby-son. He's too cute! Parenthood changes quite a lot, indeed, but on the other hand also deepens what had been between the two of us.